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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is “Brandon – Mykal.” Yes, I have two first names and you can call me by both. I grew up in Washington DC & Maryland and at a young age, it was clear that art and creativity came natural to me. My overactive imagination on par is why I am who I am today. Let my mother tell it I wouldn’t have learned how to read if it wasn’t for comic books. As a kid, I would ride the bus to get around to the city, hunting for new graffiti tags or murals painted on buildings.

  I once got caught in elementary school for tagging a wall, but my principal liked the idea so much that he commissioned a 100-ft. long mural. The mural still stands there today in South East DC. (Somerset Prep if you are interested in checking it out.) Thinking about it now that style inspired my first graffiti T-shirt design company I started at the age of fourteen. There was so much spray paint in my mother’s basement, I’m surprised EPA (Environmental protection agency) or my mother didn’t shut me down.

 Growing up there wasn’t much talk on black artists until I learned of Jacob Lawrence. His work definitely appealed to me. As strange as it sounds, I would become engulfed in his work, vividly imagining the scenery, the familiar sounds of the city, the lights, traffic, construction sites, and even the conversations from the people all filled my mind by simply looking at Lawrence’s work. Whether it was renowned graffiti artists like South East Kid, Demom 202, and KIER or a professional athlete turned artist such as Ernie Barnes, the idea of Art as a career became a realistic possibility. All of these artists have influenced me to create.

 As a professional artist, I create to evoke emotions, spark questions and inspire others. I enjoy helping people and resolving problems with design thinking. Whether I’m teaching children, preparing high school students for college, or designing for local businesses, I take great pride in working and connecting with people.  My ability to connect, communicate, understand and empathize with people I feel is what truly makes me successful as a designer.  The world of art and design has put me in the position to do what I love for a living.

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It's Luck

Luck defined by my professor is:
"When opportunity meets preperation; You will Leave this Classroom ready for the world."

The visionarie


Alabama State University

BA: Visiual Communications 2015

Prince Georges Community College

A.A: Design 2016​