Delta Airlines

Concept Project: A print advertisement and commercial Storyboard

Problem:  Delta Airlines is looking for a creative way to advertise during the summer. For their specific hot spot destinations, with higher preset tickets.   

Challenge:  After taking a Few Days to read Delta SkyMediaTM General Guidelines for Acceptable Advertising. I researched online a variety of campaigns to find what they have done in the past and what competitors are doing. This is where I found a gem. This is a storyboard ad, with the intention that each design can stand on its own and instantly be received. This ad can also be featured as60-second tv commercial, or with social media channels leading the conversation for promotions, publicity, and ease of sharing, this clip can be made into 30 second IG or youtube ad.

Estimated budget: 20K
est. time: 7 days
1 Videographer
2 Cameras
2 Actors Man/Woman
2 crew members 

The Idea:

Scene: You’re at your work desk; you’ve completed all your assignments. Sitting back in your chair,  you realize you have a week of vacation coming.

What do I do, where do I go, how do I get there? Grabbing a simple sheet of paper, fold it, and fold it again.  
With a paper plane in hand, your mind begins to imagine all of the possibilities, flying over islands and various coastlines. Invasion where ever you want to be.  
Just imagine your vacation.
Delta Airlines “We’ll get you there.”

Project Details

Director: Brandon-Mykal Rambus
Photography: Adobe images, Shutter Stock 
Design:  Brandon-Mykal Rambus

Programs: Photoshop, Lightroom, Indesign, Illustrator