Andrew Powell ESPN Radio/Podcast 2015

Logo & Banner Design

Created logos on and web banners to promote a new show coming to ESPN Radio, Andrew Powell Radio Show. As a result the first month’s number of listeners was 2% higher than expectations.

Problem:  Andrew Powell, a Miami podcaster with a small yet popular channel, was picked up by ESPN radio.  Mr. Powell and I connected through Twitter, where he expressed his concern for his logo design.  and how he wanted a fresh look for ESPN.  

Challenge:  With a 2 week window before we, he had to submit his design packaging, logos, and artwork for his four shows. I created a design for each segment of the show.  which featured  The FNL’s Miami Dolphins, NCAA’s  The University of Miami,  NBA”s Miami Heat, and MLB’s Miami Marlins. 

The banner was used to Spotlight certain segments and advertisements for the Podcast and radio bits. 

In 2016 was offered a job by ESPN to work within Verizon Digital Media in Dulles, Va. as a Tv production crew member.  Here I assisted in the Production of live broadcasts and designed in-house graphics for the office. 

 See resume for more details.

Project Details

Brandon-mykal Rambus
Logo Design & Banner

Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator