Jay Styles

Logo Design 

Problem: Connected through Instagram, this small business out of Virginia wanted to market her skills as a professional hair dresser and grow her identity customer base.  Mrs. Daniels sought my services for creative assistance.  

Project: Design a unique mark that embraced the essence of her talents while demonstrating a level of professionalism.  This mark would need to be clear and allow future growth.

The mark and logo is a representation of Mrs. Daniels classic hair style  “Curls” which is also her number selling style

 Going through many design sketchs and typography sets. This one connected  because of its organic feel.  fun, simple,  and curvy much like the curls.The

The Design ignited the entrepreneur spirit in Mrs. Daniels, she launched the following products logo branded T shirts, hats,  shortly after she was able to open the first of  her saloon boutique.

 The power of design can change the perspective and trajectory of a business.

Project Details

Illustrator:  Brandon-Mykal Rambus,  

Jay Styles Logo Design, Trade Mark , by RambusDesigns