Maryland-National Park and Planning Commission 

Job Details

Job Position: Exhibit Specialist II, Facilities Management

This contract was for one year, and over that span of time, I worked on over 150 items.  I design and install exhibits for National parks, Government facilities, and state police. 

Photographer for Special Events 

Managing a crew from 1-25 people for complex installations.

Below are a few of my projects that were implemented.  During my time 2017-2018

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Job Details

April 2017- April 2018
Title: Exhibit Specialist Brandon-Mykal Rambus

Supervisor: James Poore
Regional Supervisor: Dave Mossburg

Programs: Photoshop, Lightroom, Indesign, Illustrator, 
Equipment: Mac, PC, CNC-Machine, Electric saw, power tools, Canon 5D Mark I  

Large Vehicle Certification 



Job Details

Title: APAHM 

Event: Douglas Herman, the senior geographer, and curator at the Smithsonian Institution hosted a  presentation of his recent exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian on the history of the once-independent Hawaiian nation. I was asked to digitally restore lightly damaged photos, and color them from the Smithsonian Archives.  

Dr. Herman and the Smithsonian representatives were so please with the photo restoration job that they are now officially on display at Smithsonian National Museum. 

Client: Smithsonian Museum Washington DC

Project Director: M-NCPPC Planning Board Administrator  Mrs. J. Garcia 

Program: Programs: Photoshop, Indesign 


Facilities Management Grand Opening Fence

Job Details

Title: M-NCPPC Fence
Problem: Grand opening of Facilities Management 

Solution: I designed a temporary  4 ft tall & 200 yards long fence that decorated the front yard of the campus grounds. Fence whore the M-NCPPC logo, with color scheme and the Montgomery County Public School system logo. 

Supervisor: James Poore
Regional Supervisor: Dave Mossburg

Programs: Indesign, Illustrator, 
Equipment: Mac, PC, CNC-Machine, Electric saw, power tools, Canon 5D Mark I

Train Ride

Wheaton Regional Park Halloween Train Ride

Job Details

Title: Wheaton Train Ride
Problem: During October the Montgomery County Department of Parks offers “The Haunted Train” It’s a great way to spend the evening during the run-up to Halloween.  (for young children) However, over the years the train ride had lost some of its punch due to years of recycled props.  2017  my Client wanted to bring in some new characters that the crowd can enjoy.

Solution:  Director  M.Higgins  had requested a new character and proved samples of goops, bats, and zombies.
With a small budget and bigger dreams, we opted for smaller props that can interact with one another, and be easily moved across the park at will. That allowed for flexibility and Not to have the same set each week. 
 I drew 12 characters in illustrator,  some 5ft tall and others 3ft, 2ft.  
 I cut the images on the CNC router machines, then painted them with white primer, for the team to paint the characters in. 

Result: As a team effort in 2017 the Wheaton Regional Halloween Train ride event gross its highest earnings within the last decade.  A job well done.

Director: M.Higgins  
Programs: Indesign, Illustrator, 
Equipment: Mac, PC, CNC-Machine, Electric saw, power tools, Canon 5D Mark I 

Tournament & Community out reach

Park Police Keith Joseph Memorial Basketball Tournament and Community out reach

Job Details

Title: Park Police Keith Joseph Memorial Basketball Tournament

Problem: November brings a lot of activity to the parks, this month Park Police host events geared toward connecting with the community. Celebrating the community and those who served in it. Officer Keith Joseph who loved basketball camps and helping the youth is commemorated by this annual tournament.   

I was asked to come up with 5 design sample banners that can house sponsor logos. Reusable bags to hold basketball equipment and Design a bowling alley for children.  

Solution:  I created the samples for the banner and created a packaging design for re-useable carrying bags. I designed cut and assembled the rear stopper for the bowling alley. 

Client: Park Police  
Programs: Indesign, Illustrator, 
Equipment: PC, CNC-Machine, vynal, printer