Malbec Winery - Nyma

Concept redesign of a basic Malbec $5 wine in South America rebranded as a High-End Luxury wine. 

Problem: Malbec wine is an Argentina vineyard; grapes have grown in popularity after winning many awards. The increase in demands has driven pricing. The Brand would like to take advantage of the market and compete with France with a premium wine product.

Challenge: Updating the branding for a bottle while keeping the historical ties to the company and country.

During 2 weeks of research, I read that the country of Argentina was home to a species of Jaguar that is endangered.  The country is now doing its part to revive those numbers.  The idea here was to pay tribute to the Jaguar,  its dark black coat symbolizes beauty, elegance, and strength, much like the Malbec wine. It was a clear and perfect match.  

Project Detials

Director: Brandon-Mykal Rambus
Photographer:  Recka Williams
Illustrator:  Xzavia Holly

Programs: Photoshop, Lightroom, Indesign, Illustrator
Canon Mark 5D