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Design, Thinking

The Artist

 As an  artist  I create to eveoke emotions, sparks questions and inspire others. I enjoy helping people and resolving problems with design thinking. Whether I’m preparing high school students for college, or designing for local businesses, I take great pride in working and connecting with people.  My ability to connect, communicate, and empathizes with people I feel is what truly makes me successful a designer.  The world of art and design has put me in the position to do what I love for a living.

The visionarie


As a creative I specialize in solving problems with design solutions. I have a strong track record in creating impactful visuals; this has led me to creative positions in various industries including Government, Television, B2B, Education, and News outlets. I can be an asset to an organization, leading a team or being apart of one. A creative challenge is something I look forward to.


Alabama State University

BA: Visiual Communications 2015

Prince Georges Community College

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