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marriage Pinnacle Front page, Design

Marriage Pinnacle is a small business LLC in  Baltimore MD focused on building healthy relationships and marriages through communications.

Problem:  The ladies of Marriage Pinnacle have been operating the business from social media. They cited a few goals in creating a website, promoting healthy relationships. A home for like-minded couples to get information, and creating a community through original content.  

Web Design
Designed a responsive website optimized for web and mobile.
Blog, Marketing content, and video promotions.  


Director: Brandon-Mykal Rambus
Designer: RambusDesigns

Programs: Photoshop, Lightroom, Indesign, Illustrator, Premier Pro, 
WordPress, e-Commerce, 


Wire Frame

Solution  “We want a website” The Solution was not a difficult one to find, however finding the best way to convey their business’s core concepts, and how they wanted to connect with their base,  was brought to fruition by relying on the brand concept.

Clean, Sophisticated, and Intelligent. 

During Zoom meetings I introduced FlowMaps;  a wireframing website that I use to map out websites.  This helps open communication and keep clients informed throughout the development stages.

Design thinking



“Peaks”  page is the blog and heart and Soul of how this community has grown over the years.   It houses insightful information, ideas, and related stories that are curated especially for couples navigating through a relationship. 


eBooks page houses original downloadable content for “Peakseekers” (a name coined by stakeholders for people who follow MP brand.)